April 10, 2016
"Communion Hands"

Hurting Hands/Helping Hands

 Clean Hands/Dirty Hands

Happy Hands/Sad Hands

 Scared Hands/Hopeful Hands

 Frail Hands/Strong Hands

 Small Hands/Large Hands

 Idle Hands/Working Hands

 Healing Hands/Wounding Hands

 Healed Hands/Wounded Hands

 Warm Hands/Cold Hands

 Forgiving Hands/Forgiven Hands

 Busy Hands/Resting Hands

 Worried Hands/Calm Hands

 Loving Hands/Angry Hands

 Neighbor’s Hands/Stranger’s Hands

 Selfish Hands/Sharing Hands

 Lonesome Hands/Friendly Hands
Learning Hands/Teaching Hands
Open Hands/Clenched Hands
Sinning Hands/Saintly Hands
Your Hands/My Hands/His Hands
Hands with Bread and Wine
He’s got the whole world in His Hands

                                               Nan Schroeder

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Your weekly devotions from St Andrew Lutheran Church Cedar Rapids, Iowa